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The Office

Born in Argentina, Architect Osvaldo Stav graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Buenos-Aires. Between 1975 and 1978 he worked in Argentina, Spain, and Belgium, and since 1979, in Israel.

Osvaldo Stav established his office in 1988, and since then he has been involved in a wide variety of projects in architecture, urban planning and interior design. Working with both private and public sectors, in various fields such as education, health, commerce and residence, he understands the special needs of every client and any kind of project.


In his work, he brings his diverse experience and knowledge to create top standard designs, combining a unique architectural expression with functional solutions to best fit the client’s needs, while strictly providing professional and dedicated service. 

Osvaldo Stav has won awards in architectural exhibitions and competitions, and his projects received extensive publicity in the professional and general press.


Among his clients are governmental institutions such as the Ministry of Defense, the Home Front Command, Ministry of Construction and Housing, the National Insurance Institute, the Netanya City Council, the Eshkol Regional Council, the Qalansawe City Council as well as public and private companies such as the First International Bank, Clalit Health Services, Maccabi Healthcare Services, Laniado Hospital, Meir Hospital, Clal Insurance and Logic Industries Ltd.



Osvaldo Stav gives personal attention to designing private houses, since he believes that this subject constitutes a continuous and fascinating professional challenge, of great social and urban importance.



The office has been dealing in recent years with developing and providing architectural solutions for the protection of structures against various security threats. This work is done in collaboration with a team of engineers and advisors specializing in the subject and under an initiative of the Ministry of Defence.



Architect Osvaldo Stav is an accessibility regulator, on behalf of the Ministry of Trade Commerce and Labor, by virtue of the Law of Equality for Disabled People (amendment 2 – 2005).



  • - 1985 – First prize in "Residence of Tomorrow" Competition for young architects, on behalf of               UNESCO.

        The work was chosen to represent Israel in an international competition in Paris.

  • - 1997 – Citation in "Merhav 97" Exhibition, by the Association of Israel Architects, for designing          kindergartens in Netanya.

  • - 2002 – First prize in a competition for designing a regional senior citizens' home in Taibeh, by       JDC-Eshel.


Public Activity

  • - 1998 – Founder member of the Israel Association of Architects.

  • - 1998 - 2016 – Management member of the Israel Association of Architects.

  • - 2004 - 2007 – Chairman of the Tel-Aviv and Center Branch of the Israel Association of Architects.

  • - 2010 - 2014 – Chairman of the Competitions Committee on behalf of the Israel Association of   Architects.

  • - 1996 - 1998 – Editor of "SECTION A-A" magazine, on behalf of the Association of Israel Architects.

  • - 1998 - 2007 – Editor of "PERSPECTIVA" journal, on behalf of the Israel Association of Architects.

  • - Architectural advisor for professional journals.

  • - Advisor in "Mifgashim" Exhibition for Israel's Jubilee Celebration, on behalf of the Foreign Ministry.

  • - Advisor of the National Insurance Institution, in designing nursing institutions.

  • - Judge in an international architecture competition – "A Touristic Attraction in Jerusalem".

  • - Judge in "Azrieli Prize" Competition for students of architecture, for an outstanding graduation           project;

  • - Judge in "Project of the Year" Award, on behalf of the magazine "Architecture of Israel".

  • - Judge in the "Construction Excellence Competition" on behalf of the Association of Israel Builders.

  • - Accessibility Advisor of the Ministry of Defence Chief Architect.

  • - Accessibility Advisor of the Eshkol Regional Council.


Educational activity

  • - Founded and managed architecture workshops for children and youth.

  • - Instructed in the graduation project of architectural practical engineers in Ort college.

  • - An invited critic in architectural schools – Technion, WIZO Haifa, Bezalel.

  • - Examiner in the graduation project of architectural practical engineers on behalf of the Institute for     Technological Education (MAHAT).



Some of the projects were done in collaboration with other architects and designers, among them: Nava Alek, Zohar Anily, Yaniv Beso, Michael Heiblum, Eva Herman, Dan Kalinesko, Nahum Katz, Pinhas Nol, Gabi Nussbaum, Tommy Rigler, Hagar Shaya, Lena Sherf, Aric Schneider, Ariela Tamam, Avraham Toledano.

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